studio A + vm&


Some time ago, we held a workshop with our friends at VM & Graphic Studio. The rules of the game were simple, create a poster using only 1 typography, 2 colors, 3 geometric figures and the combinations you want.

The interesting thing about the exercise was seeing how we react when we leave the comfort zone. Without machines, only you, your hands, your ideas and the infinite possibilities.

Control / uncontrol. Once the designs were developed, they were digitized and sent to the printing press. This is where the fun begins: What happens if we start mixing each of the plates of each color of each of the designs, one with the other?

The result was overwhelming. Loaded with a power not only visual but also conceptual, it captured what exactly happens in a process of interpersonal communication (beyond design). Ideas that converge and collide. Ideas that add up. Different points of view coexisting in the same space.

The result leaves us wanting to continue generating these types of activities, and that the discomfort we initially felt was just a good sign of the daring we were about to commit.

Thanks to our friends of VM & Graphic Studio.