Alfin, our bank


Alfin is a new bank which purpose is to promote the entrepreneurial spirit of Peruvians, being their ally and guide to fulfill their dreams and goals. It was created to support and advise its clients, understanding their needs and expectations.



Based on this purpose we created a proposal that has a youthful and empathic spirit, reflecting the purpose and connecting with its audience emotionally. We start with the chromatic palette that has the color orange; an energetic shade, along with purple, which to a lesser extent reinforces the modernity of the proposal.

As the main graphic element, we generated the synthesis of a hug, which represents the accompaniment and warmth of the brand. This wink joins two characters in the logo and is our main input in the identity, activating itself around the pieces in different ways: containing images, numbers and other brand tools.



All these elements help Alfin to have a modern, warm and playful identity, breaking the stereotypes of the industry and focusing on its audience: young Peruvian entrepreneurs.