To enjoy


Tabernero, the wine and pisco brand of national pride, winner of many international awards, decided to renew its strategy and brand image to get a greater emotional connection with consumers and approach to new audiences.

Therefore, we developed a new positioning and brand architecture in which the perfect balance between long family tradition of his winery and its modern processes are sought; according to a more emotional, contemporary and current perspective.

So, thanks to the perfect combination of tradition and modernity, we developed an innovative and versatile visual system for the corporate brand, in which we gave a more contemporary and artistic look to each of the historical elements of its identity.

As a result, a bold and spontaneous personality was obtained, reinforcing the prestige and innovative nature of the family brand, as well as the superior quality that characterizes its products. We will be showing the new packaging design for each of its main lines very soon. Tabernero, to enjoy life.