Primax, the leading service station in Peru, decided to refresh its identity and develop a new retail experience on the occasion of its tenth anniversary. Thus, we embarked on this new project, starting our analysis with a costumer journey, which allowed us to detect the true needs of the user, and the client was able to understand what the brand needed and the market demanded. A significant change, respecting certain brand equity.

During the investigation, we highlighted an important finding: the opportunity to humanize the brand. This would allow us to take Primax to a more personal level where it is perceived not only as a gas station, but as the companion that helps you carry out your activities, day by day.

That is why we created the concept “Energy that generates energy”, which unifies fuel energy with human energy. Starting from this concept, we looked for different ways to reflect this synergy produced between the brand and the consumer, and so we arrived at the boomerang, an element that accurately reflected what we had in mind: synergy, power and agility. Based on this new icon, we developed the morphology of the main module, which takes on volume in the form of a single clean and pure plate that projects as a cantilever.