National Museum of Peru


With a millenary culture behind it and being cradle of the first civilization of America, Peru finally opens the doors of the largest museum in Latin America. A space where the different civilizations that have shaped its identity converge, to better understand its past and continue imagining a better future.


Peru needed a national museum at the level of its history and so for its bicentennial it opens the doors of this great museum, located in front of the sanctuary of Pachacámac, south of Lima. In its more than 88,000 square meters and 5 levels, the great archaeological legacy of pre-Hispanic civilizations will be exhibited, and the diversity of past and present cultural expressions of its peoples will be disseminated.

Thanks to Armando Andrade’s great work and commitment to Peruvian art and culture, and being aware of the importance of preserving and disseminating our cultural wealth, he participated selflessly in defining the objectives and challenges of the project, in order to provide the museum with a strong identity, capable of supporting all types of permanent and temporary exhibitions.


This identity project is a donation from Armando Andrade to the Peruvian people, to help connect culture with everyone and offer the whole world the possibility of knowing the different layers of this great millenary culture.