Cementos Pacasmayo, the leading brand of cement in the north of the country, entrusted us to develop a new line of low cost products that reflects the pride and countless stories of effort and progress of the people of that area.

With the challenge of creating a more emotional brand, which would achieve a close relationship with its major customers (builders and self-builders), “Mochica” was born with a differentiated value proposition, which seeks to heighten the pride and strength of northerners.

Through a visual universe inspired by the culture of the same name, where earthy colors and diagonal cuts wrap the package, the main character, the Moche warrior, elevates reflecting the values ​​and punch of northerners.

Also, using the visual richness of the Moche culture, and accompanied by a strong and consistent typography, we created a pictogram system inspired by the past, under the great challenge of showing how to use the product in a synthesized way. “Mochica” reflects the legacy of an advanced, robust and inspiring society for everybody.