is born


This ambitious project, promoted by the Pikimachay Board of Trustees, aims to publicize all the benefits that the region has to attract investors, tourists and generate pride in Ayacuchans and throughout the country.

Among the found findings that stand out of the research, we have: The Pikimachay cave, where the first Peruvian was born more than 20 thousand years ago; the Wari empire, where the first Andean empire was born; and also is the stage where independent Peru was born. For this reason we came to define the brand concept “Where Peru is born”.

We were inspired by the idea of the portal, that element capable of transporting you to another destination, another reality. In the process we discovered that it was precisely the Wari who created the portals or jambs (trapezoidal in shape) that were later adopted by the Inca culture.

From the iconic Ayacucho altarpieces to the increasingly well-known tables of Sarhua. Embodying that wealth was a great challenge, where we had to research, analyze and select the elements that would help us tell the story of the brand.

The logo is only the beginning of a living identity. Each character has been built so that it can live independently or better yet, generate an infinity of forms.

This story is just beginning and the brand continues to grow. Follow the case, as we will continue to upload more pieces in the coming days.